You help Social Security Disability Insurance beneficiaries. We help you. 

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Read a full list of NOSSCR member discounts here. 

As a NOSSCR member, you’ll receive a discount on our biannual conferences, which many consider to be one of the biggest perks of membership. Join us for the next conference coming up in April 2018.

NOSSCR members receive a variety of additional benefits:

  • A monthly newsletter packed with key developments at the Social Security Administration, in the federal courts, legal practice, Congress, and federal legislation.
  • One-on-one support with difficult research problems.
  • Support of NOSSCR’s Office of Government Affairs in Washington, D.C., whose staff engages in legislative and administrative advocacy in support of preserving and strengthening the Social Security disability programs—and who is glad to help members advocate with their members of Congress as well.
  • Access to a research clearinghouse for practitioners, including briefs, case summaries, memoranda of law, questionnaires, etc., including discounts on a variety of products and services.
  • Subscription access to our easy-to-read manual of SSA’s listings, Medical Vocational Guidelines (Grids), and selected Social Security Rulings.
  • Real-time email alerts of relevant news, events, policy changes, legislative proposals, and other developments of interest to practitioners.
  • Monitoring of national and state-level litigation (individual and class actions) relating to Social Security disability law.
  • Ability to vote for Circuit representatives to the Board of Directors.


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