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Former Conn clients optimistic about latest court ruling

  April 6, 2019 | By Mary Meadows, The Paintsville Herald

Some of the former clients of disbarred attorney Eric C. Conn have plenty to say about how his fraudulent practices have changed their lives over the past few years.

More than 50 of his former clients turned out at a meeting on Tuesday to learn about a recent Court of Appeals decision that may help them get their disability benefits reinstated. The meeting, hosted by Prestonsburg Attorney Ned Pillersdorf, also featured information provided by attorney Evan Smith.

On Nov. 21, three U.S. Circuit judges issued what Pillersdorf refers to as the “Hicks decision,” in a case in which Garrett resident Amy Hicks was the lead client.

In that case, the Court of Appeals decided that the Social Security Administration violated the constitutional right to due process for Hicks and other former Conn clients by tossing out medical evidence that was used in their disability cases when Conn represented them.

Pillersdorf and other attorneys representing those clients asked that the court reinstate the benefits that were revoked from 800 people in 2015, but the Social Security Administration asked for a stay of that decision until the full Court of Appeals could consider the case. Last Friday, the Court of Appeals issued its ruling, turning down the SSA’s request for a rehearing.

Pillersdorf told former Conn clients who turned out for the meeting on Tuesday that the decision was a win for their cases.

He also reported that U.S. Congressman Harold “Hal” Rogers has requested meeting with SSA officials in Washington DC about the case.

“We got really good news Friday. I think the SSA is about out of moves, except with the U.S. Supreme Court,” Pillersdorf said, explaining that if the SSA appeals the decision, the process could take time.

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