Indy man says he panhandles because he's forced to wait almost 2 years for disability

By Rafael Sanchez

An Indianapolis man says he’s taken to the streets to panhandle because his application for disability requires him to wait almost two years for help.

Richard Frizzle underwent heart surgery in April 2017 and applied for disability that August. Ten months later, Frizzle is still awaiting approval. With no income and no idea whether he’ll get disability, Frizzle has turned to panhandling.

“You learn to survive out here,” Frizzle said. “I got to do something … Got to live; got to eat.”

Frizzle puts himself at the mercy of those willing to give him a bit of their spare change. If he chooses to work, even a small amount, he could lose his chance of ever receiving disability benefits.

According to the Social Security Administration, 760,000 people nationwide are currently on the wait list for disability.

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