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Our law office — which has been in business since 1993 — specializes 100% of our time and resources in the great practice area of Social Security disability. Although our office is located in Boca Raton, Florida, we represent claimants at hearings throughout the 50 states.

We offer a flat rate for the attorney to prepare a claimant and take the hearing before an ALJ.  Based on the ability to take phone hearings, you can be located in any city.  Note, our cases are in various OHOs around the country.

Our star associate attorney has recently gone out on maternity leave and will (hopefully) return on a part-time basis.   This position can be filled immediately and can be ongoing for a long time.

Please note, we take our craft very seriously and dedicate ourselves to the claimants and their families knowing that we make a crucial difference in their lives.  My preference is someone who is “seasoned” but even if your experience is only a few years, I can provide training and strategies especially with VE questioning. Also, we take cases to Federal Court, if necessary, because as we all know, some ALJs only respond to a USDC remand.

My wife and I are both attorneys and co-own our law firm.  We are fully staffed and so the files are very well prepared.

If interested and available, please email me directly at:  david@gglaw.info

Or, if you prefer, feel free to text/call me on my cell at:  786-261-3132

If you want to read about us, please click on our website at:  www.WeGetYourDisability.com 

Look forward to speaking to you,

David B. Goetz, Esq.
Lisa Gonzalez-Goetz, Esq.

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