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Stephen Gardner

Prior to joining NOSSCR, Steve Gardner worked for or consulted for a long list of distinguished associations in Washington DC. Steve served as the Managing Director of Communications for the American Chemistry Council, VP of Communications for the Aluminum Association and Chief Operating Officer for the Corn Refiners’ Association. In addition, he consulted for the National Association of Broadcasters, The American Academy of PAs, the International Safety Equipment Association, and many more.

Steve brings a deep understanding of membership communications, governance, finance and operations, public affairs, staff development, continuing education programs and leadership.

Steve moved to Washington, DC from Maine after graduate school and resides on Capitol Hill with his wife Cheryl Levine, an official at HHS, and their two mutts. Steve spends his free time traveling with Cheryl, rooting for the Washington Nationals, and patiently explaining that he was a New England Patriots fan long before the bandwagon and the Super Bowl wins.

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