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NOSSCR is excited to announce our new and improved, automated lawyer referral service that provides eligible members with more Social Security disability client leads.

Our new service allows potential clients to be connected to your number directly by calling our referral service. The new system will track the caller’s area code and rotate through those who registered there. Eligible members may select how many and which area codes they would like to receive calls from; one area code is included with regular membership and three with sustaining membership.

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Eligibility for enrollment in NOSSCR’s new automated referral service for Social Security disability client leads includes:

  • A current NOSSCR membership;
  • Being an attorney in private practice;
  • Being in good standing with one’s state bar;
  • Not disqualified from representing Social Security claimants;
  • And professional malpractice insurance with minimum liability coverage of $100,000 per occurrence.

All prices are per 12-month period.

Eligible regular members get 1 free area code from their local area. Eligible sustaining members get 3 free area codes (one local and two more choices).

Sustaining members receive a 20% discount on all NOSSCR purchases, and this discount will apply to this new benefit as well.

Additional area codes may be purchased:

  • First 10 area codes purchased (in addition to the free area codes): $40 each ($32 each for sustaining members).
  • Additional area codes purchased after the first 10 (in addition to the free area codes): $35 each ($28 each for sustaining members).
  • All area codes for all 50 US states, plus DC and Puerto Rico plus new area codes as they are added during your enrollment period: $9,000 total, $28 per area code ($7,200 for sustaining members).

Payment will be accepted by credit card or check. If you purchase the entire country you will have the option of authorizing 12 monthly charges to your credit card (with a 12-month commitment).

Q: How many calls will I receive?
A: The number of calls you receive will depend on the number of callers from, and the number of referral service participants in, that area code. When a caller is transferred to your office you will also receive an email with the details. The caller may leave a message if no one picks up.

Q: How long will we have for the call?
A: If you take the call, you will have at least 15 minutes to complete your initial conversation with the potential client.

Q: How do claimants find out about the referral service?
A: Our referral service number appears on notices sent out by SSA to unrepresented claimants, so most calls to our service are from potential clients who have pending claims and who lack representation (if you see a notice without NOSSCR listed please contact us or the field or hearing office manager to get it added). Many organizations also share NOSSCR’s referral service number with their members, as do state, local, and federal politicians who receive calls from their constituents looking for representation. Claimants also receive the lawyer referral service number from our webpage and from other referring sources. In 2021 over 7,000 potential clients called our referral service. We expect this new automated system will result in many more placements of clients with lawyers.

Q: Who is eligible to be in the referral system?
A: To participate, you must be a NOSSCR member, an attorney in private practice, in good standing with your state bar, not disqualified from representing Social Security claimants, and have professional malpractice insurance with minimum liability coverage of $100,000 per occurrence.

Q: How many members from the same office can be in the referral system?
A: The more NOSSCR members you have in your office, the more calls your office may receive. We cannot guarantee how many total callers there will be per area code, but given our call volume in recent years we expect the number of potential clients to be a significant benefit to our membership and those claimants in need of representation.

Q: What if I don’t want to take the caller’s case?
A: If you cannot take the case, but another NOSSCR member attorney might be able to help, please ask the caller to try the referral service number again for another attorney. If you decline a case because it would not involve a fee, please direct the caller to a local legal services or other organization that might help. To help us understand the success of the referral service, we would appreciate it if you let us know if you have accepted or declined a case by responding to the email you will receive about the call.

Q: What if I want more than my free area code(s)?
A: If you want to reach more area codes, you can purchase them at the rates listed below. You must specify which area codes you want.

Q: What other expenses are there for using the referral service?
A: There are no other fees owed. NOSSCR will no longer expect a contribution related to the outcome of a case, but of course, we’re always happy to receive contributions! When you purchase additional area codes, payment will provide 12 continuous months of participation in the service, and you can join at any time during the year. You can provide our referral service with any phone number that works for your intake process, and you may use the same phone number for each registering member in your firm.

Q: What if I registered for area codes but now I want to add more?
A: Email nosscr@nosscr.org to add more area codes. 

What happens if my membership lapses?
A: Should your membership, malpractice insurance, or other eligibility lapses during the 12-month period, you will be removed from the referral service until you renew your membership or send your current insurance information. You will receive reminders, but ultimately participants are responsible to ensure that NOSSCR has your current malpractice insurance information and that your NOSSCR membership is active. No refund or credit will be provided; the registration fee is an up-front payment, even if broken into monthly installments.

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