NOSSCR Comments on Hearing Modalities NPRM

NOSSCR Comments on SSI Removal of Food from ISM

NOSSCR Comments on SSA’s Learning Agenda


NOSSCR Comments on the Cardiovascular NPRM

NOSSCR Comments on the Disability Perception Survey (DPS)

NOSSCR Comments on Electronic Protective Filing Tool (ePFT)



NOSSCR Comments on Covid-19 Screening for In-Person Hearings

NOSSCR Comments on SSA-632 and SSA-634 Forms

NOSSCR Comments on Temporary Final Rule (TFR) “Flexibility in Evaluating “Close Proximity of Time” in the context of COVID-19 Related Barriers to Healthcare”

NOSSCR Submits Proposals to SSA’s Learning Agenda

NOSSCR Submits Comments on HHS’ Proposed Revisions to HIPAA Privacy Rule

NOSSCR Submits Comments on CMS Matching Program

NOSSCR Submits Comments on Paperwork Reduction Act and Privacy Act Revisions



NOSSCR Submits Comments on ALJ Hiring Criteria

NOSSCR Comments on Interim Final Rule on Waiver of Overpayments During Pandemic Period

NOSSCR Comments on SSA’s Proposal to Have Administrative Appeals Judges Hold Hearings

NOSSCR Comments on Proposed Rule about Continuing Disability Reviews



NOSSCR Comments on on Revised Form SSA-1696, “Appointment of Representative”

NOSSCR Comments on Proposed Rule for Medical Criteria for Evaluating Digestive Disorders and Skin Disorders

NOSSCR Comments on SSA’s i501 and i561 Form

NOSSCR Comments on Removing the Inability To Communicate in English as an Education Category

NOSSCR Comments on the Consideration of Pain in the Disability Determination Process

NOSSCR Comments on Proposed Rule for Setting the Manner for the Appearance of Parties and Witnesses at a Hearing

NOSSCR Comments on Review and Reassessment of SSA’s Representative Payee Selection and Replacement Policies



NOSSCR Comments on Proposed Changes to Rules on How Parties and Witnesses Appear at Hearings

NOSSCR Comments on Proposed Revisions to Appointment of Representative Form

NOSSCR Submits Comments to Revised Fee Agreement Form

NOSSCR Submits Comments to Proposed Musculoskeletal Listings (PDF) (Word)



NOSSCR Comments on Proposed Revisions to Fee Agreement Form

NOSSCR Comments on Information Collection Request on MyWage Reporting



NOSSCR Comments on Proposed Evaluation of Medical Evidence (Treating Source) Rule

NOSSCR Comments on Proposed Program Uniformity (5 day) Rule 

NOSSCR Comments on Proposed Representative Code of Conduct Rules

This list includes regulations SSA would like to propose. Before they can be published in the Federal Register, they need to be cleared by the Office of Management and Budget. Some rules appear on the Unified Agenda for many years before a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking is published and the comment period begins. The list also includes regulations that have gone through notice and comment and need OMB clearance before the final rule can be published in the Federal Register. Like the rules awaiting proposal, rules awaiting finalization can be at OMB for months or years; some are never finalized at all.