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The mission of the Amicus Committee is to promptly review requests for amicus participation and to provide a recommendation to NOSSCR’s Executive Director and President on what action to take. If the collective decision is to file a brief or join a brief, then the chair of the committee works with the Executive Director and President to find an attorney who may or may not be a member of the committee to act as lead counsel on NOSSCR’s behalf. As a committee we try to assist our lead counsel on the case. We also try to “interface” with counsel for the party we are supporting and counsel for other amici whose brief we may be joining. When the collective decision is not to act in an amicus capacity, the chair of our committee informs the requester that NOSSCR does not intend to act as amici in his/her case, at least in its present procedural posture. The chair also prepares–with input from the other committee members–the committee’s report for each board meeting and presents that report at the meeting.

Counsel seeking amicus support at the certiorari stage should contact NOSSCR at the earliest possible opportunity. NOSSCR may assist counsel who have relevant cases pending before the Supreme Court with their briefs and oral arguments. Requests for amicus support at the circuit court or district court level may be considered, but will normally be denied.

Chair – Carolyn Kubitschek

The Distinguished Service Committee is responsible for coordinating nominations from the membership to acknowledge individuals whose exemplary service has resulted in significant improvements in the quality and availability of advocacy for Social Security Disability claimants. Whether it is through case law, treatises, service to the public, or fostering a greater understanding of the complexities of Social Security Disability law, nominees are those who make significant contributions to our field.

Award nominations must be made by a NOSSCR member but the recipient need not be a NOSSCR member.

Chair – Ted Norwood

The Exhibitor Committee reviews potential exhibitors to ensure compliance with NOSSCR rules and committee policies, and acts as a go-between if exhibitors or conference attendees have questions or encounter exhibitor problems during NOSSCR conferences.

Chair – Jim Brown

The Finance Committee reviews NOSSCR’s financial statements and makes recommendations for a budget.

Chair – Rick Fleming

The membership committee focuses on ways to increase membership, through activities and policies that will encourage new representatives to join and to retain current members.

Chair – Sarah White Park

The Membership Standards Committee is responsible for helping NOSSCR maintain its excellent reputation for fairness, ethical behavior, and equal representation for claimants. This reputation is part of what makes NOSSCR so valuable to the disabled and allows the organization to be able to testify before Congress on such matters. In order to accomplish and maintain these high standards, the committee reviews any applications that are questionable as well as address any problematic actions or behaviors of current members to determine if they may remain active members of NOSSCR.

Chair – Doug Mohney

The mentorship program is centered on 60-minute virtual meetings once a month between a mentor and mentee, and may cover subjects such as continuing education and work-life balance issues.

Co-Chairs – Heather Freeman and Janna Lowenstein

The Nominations and Elections Committee is responsible for the nomination of candidates for the Board of Directors, in accordance with Article X of the Bylaws. It also, from time to time, reviews the nomination and elections policies to insure that they are fair and efficient.

Chair – Sarah Park

The Next Generation Committee (formerly known as the Young Members Committee) will help younger attorneys and representatives connect and network with other NOSSCR members of similar levels of experience through social events and special programming at NOSSCR conferences, among other offerings just for newer members, all year-round. NOSSCR members under the age of 40 and/or with less than 10 years of experience are welcome to join the committee to plan events, or to simply participate in events with the Next Generation.  

Co-Chairs –Laura Beth Waller and Ashley Sappenfield

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