The Executive Committee is composed of the Board’s elected officers, the immediate Past President, one delegate elected by the Board, two assistant officers, and chief-level NOSSCR staff.  It has authority to act on behalf of the Board between Board meetings subject to bylaws conditions.

President: Rick Fleming

The Governance Committee collects and reviews Board member statements of possible conflicts of interest, recommending actions to the President if necessary.  The committee verifies all Board members have agreed in writing to their duties required for service on NOSSCR’s Board.  The committee meets as needed to consider general questions of conflicts and recommends to the President whether any such questions should be presented to the Board.  As to specific reports from Board members, the committee advises the President as to possible prohibitions on member voting on specific matters.

This committee assesses the compensation package of the CEO and any other chief-level paid NOSSCR staff.  NOSSCR’s policy is to provide compensation for leadership that is fair, reasonable, and consistent with compensation paid in the nonprofit sector for a position of comparable complexity and responsibility.  The committee will interpret compensation aspects of leadership employment contracts according to NOSSCR’s goal of recruiting and retaining high performing employees who are motivated, recognized, and rewarded for excellent performance.  Base salary will be analyzed in comparison to independent surveys for similar positions in the same market.  Adjustments or bonuses will be assessed by this committee according to the terms of the contract and key performance indicators.  The committee will conduct or help with annual reviews and goal setting for NOSSCR’s leadership staff.

This committee reports to NOSSCR’s President and Executive Committee, as needed.

Chair: Patrick O’Neal

This committee assists NOSSCR’s Treasurer in evaluating reserves investments, budgeting concerns, and other financial matters as they arise between meetings of the Board.

Chair: Rob Wendt

The Membership Standards Committee is responsible for helping NOSSCR maintain its excellent reputation for the ethical behavior of members.  This reputation is important for NOSSCR’s standing in the disability advocacy community and generally.  To maintain these high standards, this committee reviews any membership applications that are questionable.  This committee will address any problematic actions or behaviors of current members to determine if they may remain active members of NOSSCR, or if other discipline is suitable.  Member expulsion recommendations are referred to the Board, but lesser discipline may be referred to the Executive Committee or President.

Chair: Doug Mohney
Co-Vice Chairs: Christine Burnside; Ashley Sappenfield

NOSSCR’s bylaws provide: “At least ninety (90) days before an election, the President shall appoint a nominating committee of three (3) persons to nominate candidates for the Board of Directors.  The committee shall notify the Secretary, in writing, of its nominations at least thirty (30) days before the date of the election.”

The committee is responsible for the nomination of candidates for the Board.  It reviews NOSSCR’s nomination and elections policies to ensure that they are fair and efficient, providing rulings on these issues or other election-related questions.

Chair: Ashley Sappenfield

NOSSCR’s Amicus Committee reviews requests for amicus participation in appellate matters, providing recommendations to the President on what action to take.  If the collective decision is to file or join a brief, then the chair of the committee works with the President to find an attorney who may or may not be a member of the committee to act as lead counsel on NOSSCR’s behalf.  The committee will try to assist and “interface” with counsel for the party we are supporting and counsel for other amici whose brief we may be joining.  When the collective decision is not to act in an amicus capacity, the chair of the committee informs the requester that NOSSCR does not intend to act as amici in the case, at least in its present procedural posture.

Counsel seeking amicus support at the certiorari stage should contact NOSSCR at the earliest possible opportunity.  NOSSCR may assist counsel who have relevant cases pending before the Supreme Court with their briefs and oral arguments.  Requests for amicus support at the circuit court or district court level may be considered but will normally be denied.

Chair: Cody Marvin

The Awards and Scholarships Committee guides NOSSCR’s staff and event specialists for an annual event where NOSSCR’s awards and scholarships are given.  In preparation for the event, the committee reviews existing options, advising the Executive Committee of any need to merge, conclude, or create awards or scholarships.

The committee organizes efforts to raise contributions and sponsorships.  The committee establishes standards and considers nominations, recommending to the Executive Committee a slate of award and scholarship recipients annually—with Board ratification or authority.  The committee works with the Conference Committee, and advises NOSSCR contractors and staff, allowing the annual event to encourage NOSSCR’s mission and visibility in the wider advocacy community.

Co-Chairs: Ted Norwood; Bruce Billman

The NOSSCR PAC is a connected but separate political action committee.  It is managed by NOSSCR, allowing for all donations to go directly to candidates.  A majority of the PAC’s board must be current members of NOSSCR’s board, and all must be donors to the PAC.  Changes in the composition of the NOSSCR PAC board are made by NOSSCR’s Executive Committee, but the PAC board considers contributions, fundraising, and other decisions.

Chair: Ann Atkinson

The Conference Committee reviews CLE session and speaker proposals for our annual conference.  The conference planning staff and contractors occasionally consult with committee members as to all aspects of NOSSCR’s events.

Chair: Julie Burkett

The Legal Services Committee provides NOSSCR leadership with feedback on the ways our association is or could be serving legal services and other non-profit advocates in NOSSCR, and the needs of their clients.

Chair: Rez Islam

This committee provides NOSSCR’s staff and leadership with an option to address disputes concerning posts to NOSSCR’s listservs.  When a post to NOSSCR’s listserv is rejected, it is normally because a simple policy is violated—such as saying “thanks” to the entire list rather than with a direct communication.  Occasionally, a post is rejected because it is more seriously problematic, such as disrespectful language, revealing PII, or violating a copyright.  If a member disputes a post rejection decision by NOSSCR’s staff, that dispute will be referred to this committee for consideration.  If the committee determines it necessary, the member may be invited to explain.  If the committee determines that the member has acted in a manner inconsistent with membership, the committee may make a referral to the Membership Standards Committee.  If the committee votes to disagree with the NOSSCR staff decision to reject the post, it will provide NOSSCR’s CEO with guidance as to that post and others that are similar.

If the committee finds that NOSSCR’s listserv rules and policies are lacking, it may suggest corrections to NOSSCR’s CEO.

Chair: Crysti Farra

This committee focuses on ways to increase NOSSCR’s membership through activities and policies that encourage new representatives to join, and current members to remain.  From time to time this committee is asked to address NOSSCR’s bylaws.

Chair: Robert Higgins

The mentorship program is centered on monthly individual mentor/mentee virtual meetings in which the mentor provides support to the mentee on career-related issues including subject matter, career development, and work/life questions.  NOSSCR members can register to be a mentor or mentee without having to be a committee member.

Co-Chairs: James Schiff; Crysti Farra

The Next Generation Committee helps younger attorneys and newer representatives connect and network with other NOSSCR members of similar levels of experience through social events and special programming at retreats, online events, and conferences.  NOSSCR members under the age of 40 and/or with less than 10 years of experience are welcome to join the committee to plan events, or to simply participate in events with the Next Generation.

Co-Chairs: Christine Burnside; Stephen Sloan
Assistant Secretary: Christine Burnside

This committee provides NOSSCR’s staff and leadership with an opportunity to consider detailed policy questions—determining whether they can be acted upon consistent with existing guidance from the Board or if they require an updated Board resolution.

This committee also considers NOSSCR’s existing policies, recommending changes to the Board as needed.

Chair: Rob Wendt