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Referral Service

This page outlines how NOSSCR members can enroll in our Referral Service. Are you a claimant looking for representation? Please call our automated Referral Service at 845-682-1881.

Participation in NOSSCR’s Referral Service is a benefit of NOSSCR membership. The NOSSCR Referral Service number is published in correspondence sent to unrepresented claimants confirming their request for a hearing. When a claimant calls the Referral Service number, they are routed to a NOSSCR member based on that member’s participation in the Referral Service and selection of the area code from which the claimant calls. All members are entitled to one free area code.

To participate, NOSSCR members must carry professional malpractice insurance with a minimum liability coverage of $100,000 per incidence, be qualified to represent claimants before the Social Security Administration and in good standing with the highest court of a state. Members must notify NOSSCR immediately if they no longer maintain malpractice insurance or become disqualified to represent Social Security claimants or are no longer in good standing with the highest court of a state. The Referral Service is unavailable for non-attorney, emeritus, law student, and non-profit members.

Members must select their participation tier to receive calls from the Referral Service. Beyond the free area code as a benefit of membership, there are three participation tiers:

  • Local—up to 5 total area codes (including one free)
  • Regional—up to 25 total area codes (including one free)
  • National—all U.S. area codes (approximately 336)

Once members select their participation tier, they enter into our form their intake phone number and email address and select the area codes from which they want to receive calls.

The cost is:

  • Local—$480 per year, billed $40 per month
  • Regional—$1,320 per year, billed $110 per month
  • National—$11,700 per year, billed $975 per month

Sustaining members receive a 10% discount.

NOSSCR cannot guarantee the quantity or nature of the calls received from the Referral Service. If a member cannot take the caller’s case or identifies other legal needs of the caller, the member will make reasonable efforts and use professional judgment in referring the caller to another qualified attorney, program (including legal services), or other advocate suitable for the issue described by the caller. If a member receives a call from a claimant routed inaccurately (because the claimant no longer lives in the area code for the phone line), we ask that the member either connect the claimant with a NOSSCR member in the claimant’s area or ask the claimant to call the Referral Service again from another phone with the correct area code. NOSSCR does not actively monitor details of the legal services provided to the claimants and does not seek reports about the claims. NOSSCR expects that all claimants who obtain representation through our Referral Service will be represented according to the standards of NOSSCR members and the Social Security Administration, although NOSSCR does not require that the representative always remain the individual who registered for the service.

Because the primary purpose of the NOSSCR Referral Service is ensuring that more claimants are represented, NOSSCR expects that those participating will answer 50% or more of the calls that they receive from the NOSSCR Referral Service. NOSSCR reserves the right to cancel participation without refund for any member who fails to answer at least 50% of their calls over a three-month period or to comply with the other requirements listed above. If NOSSCR receives complaints about the outcomes of calls routed to a member’s number, NOSSCR reserves the right to immediately stop calls from the Referral Service without a refund. There is no right of review of NOSSCR’s determination that complaints require such a termination. The term of participation is one year. Active NOSSCR membership is required. If a membership lapses for any reason, the member will no longer receive calls from the Referral Service, and the remaining balance of their year-long subscription becomes due immediately. Participation will renew each year unless canceled in writing (including email) 30 days in advance. Payment for the year or enrollment in autopay through your NOSSCR account is required.

To register for the Referral Service, please email nosscr@nosscr.org.

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