Keep Current with the Listing of Impairments by Ordering NOSSCR's Listings/Grids Manual for 2018

The Social Security Administration (SSA) intends to revise all listings on a regular basis. The SSA also issues Rulings and occasionally revises its list of compassionate allowances. To keep you current with these revisions, NOSSCR offers a flash drive containing the Listing of Impairments for Adults, Listing of Impairments for Children, the Medical-Vocational Guidelines (Grids), selected Social Security Rulings, and the list of Compassionate Allowances.  In addition to the current texts, we will provide you with prompt service whenever a change occurs. You will receive an email with instructions to update your flash drive. Many NOSSCR members order several flash drives for their office so everyone receives the updates and is aware of all changes.

Order your copy of the Listings and Grids Manual today

The purchase price for a new subscription in 2018 is $255.00 for regular members, $204 for sustaining members and $382 for non-members. This includes shipping and postage for the current publication of Listings and Grids, and updates of all final changes in the Listing of Impairments for Adults, the Listing of Impairments for Children, and the Medical-Vocational Guidelines (Grids) issued through the end of 2018. When a Social Security Ruling on a specific impairment is issued or a condition is added to the list of Compassionate Allowances, we will send you that as well.  All subscriptions run until December 31, 2018, regardless of when ordered, so order yours today!

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