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Nomination for Awards

NOSSCR members may use the form below to submit a preliminary nomination for the Eileen P. Sweeney Distinguished Service Award and the Nancy G. Shor Leadership Award. You may nominate any individual, attorney or non-attorney, and regardless of NOSSCR membership, who you believe is deserving of this award.

When you press the “Send Nomination” button at the bottom of this page, you will get a confirmation message on your screen to let you know that your completed form was sent.  Thank You!

Are you a NOSSCR member? If not, STOP! Nominations are accepted only from NOSSCR members.

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    Eileen P. Sweeney Distinguished Service AwardNancy G. Shor Leadership Award

    You will greatly help NOSSCR's consideration of your nomination by providing specific information and examples of your nominee's efforts which meet the requirements for the selected award. Suggestion: Prepare your nomination reasons with your word processor, and then copy your text to this form field, which has no size limitation.

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