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“I’ve been a member about 35 years and practiciing in this field for over 40, and I can’t tell you enough that I couldn’t do what I do if the NOSSCR folks didn’t do what they do.”

- Richard Morris Past President

“Consider all the people with disabilities over the years who have received the critical benefits they were entitled to because NOSSCR members represented them. I have no doubt that number runs in the hundreds of thousands. You are part of an organization that has helped its members improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across America. That’s amazing.”

- Kevin Liebkemann Acceptance speech for the Eileen Sweeney Award at the 2018 NOSSCR Atlanta Conference


“This was my first webinar as a NOSSCR member, and I just wanted to reach out to both of you and tell you how very enjoyable and informative it was. Thank you, and I will be back in 3 months for the next one!”

- Jennifer Alexion Member, about a Washington Webinar

Conference Feedback

This is anonymized feedback from actual conference participants.

“Very informative. Always love the physician takes on issues we deal with. And what to look for in the med records.”

“Great presentation. Speaker gave good tips for all size firms on increasing client advocacy and how this adds value to your firm.”

“This stuff is often overlooked but so needed. Great job.”

- Anonymous Conference Participants

“I’ve gained more information about disability law from NOSSCR than any other source. Bar none.

Some of the people in attendance at this or other conferences are leading thinkers and doers in this field. So attend their sessions. Take notes. Listen. Learn. Ask questions. Be an active attendee.

The work I do–the work we all do–begins on their shoulders. And there are many excellent attorneys here at NOSSCR conventions. You have the opportunity to learn from these fine attorneys face-to-face.”

- John Driskill Board President, 2018-2019

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