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New leadership is a reason for optimism in 2024

On December 20, 2023, Martin J. O’Malley was sworn in as Commissioner of Social Security. He will serve until January 19, 2025. After more than two years of leadership uncertainty and instability at SSA, O’Malley’s decisive confirmation is a sign that the agency is moving in a more stable and functional direction. 

“I am honored for the opportunity of a lifetime to lead Social Security’s outstanding public servants forward, together, in such an important mission to help the agency to deliver critical services to the American people,” said Commissioner O’Malley. “Social Security is the most far-reaching and important act of social and economic justice that the people of the United States have ever enacted. For tens of millions of Americans across our country, Social Security is the difference between living with dignity or living in poverty.” 

O’Malley has a reputation as a strong operational leader with a focus on performance metrics. It’s our hope that he will elevate the operational efficiency and data-driven decision making at the agency.  

In October of 2023, NOSSCR’s interim CEO David Camp offered testimony at a hearing before the House Ways and Means Committee. The recommendations NOSSCR put forth during that testimony are concrete, attainable, and supported by data. With Commissioner O’Malley at the helm, we’re optimistic that the agency will validate and ultimately adopt those recommendations as part of its operational overhaul.  

NOSSCR is eager to continue our partnership with Commissioner O’Malley and SSA in the coming year for the ultimate benefit of our members and your clients – those who rely on these essential benefits.  

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