NOSSCR CEO David Camp writes SSA Commissioner Op-Ed for Baltimore Sun

By Published On: May 3, 2024Last Updated: May 15, 20241 min read

For the first time in many years, SSA has a confirmed Commissioner: Martin O’Malley. NOSSCR CEO David Camp wrote an Op-Ed just published in the Baltimore Sun detailing the changes O’Malley has already accomplished.

Commissioner O’Malley has already ceased SSA’s heavy-handed practice of intercepting 100% of an overpaid beneficiary’s monthly benefit, replacing it with a more reasonable default withholding rate of 10%…He is making it easier for beneficiaries to ask SSA to consider that — in some circumstances — they both cannot repay and were not at fault. Commissioner O’Malley has done all this with diligence and speed, changing SSA’s policies and procedures faster than advocates have seen in generations. He has been decisive while collaborating with his “SecurityStat” team of agency leaders and exhibited the compassion we expect from a program that lifts the disabled out of poverty.

NOSSCR has been working to steadily improve SSA for 45 years, with O’Malley now in the Commissioner’s office, we are excited to see the start of a period of modernization and customer service improvements that will aid claimants and our NOSSCR members in our continued mission.


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