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NOSSCR PAC has a successful 2022 election cycle

  November 22, 2022

The NOSSCR PAC had a very successful 2022 election cycle.

Our PAC contributed to 37 campaigns from both political parties and 100% of our candidates won their races. This included incumbent members of key U.S. House and Senate committees that impact Social Security policy.

With divided power in Congress, NOSSCR will have both challenges and opportunities in the coming year. Among the many issues we’ll focus on are:

  • Eliminating the five-month waiting period for SSDI claims
  • Eliminating costs for medical records
  • Updating the SSI program

We will also be working to educate lawmakers about the crucial role that Social Security claimants’ representatives play in their constituents’ lives.

As always, our work will remain issue-focused and bipartisan.

Thank you to the NOSSCR members who contributed to NOSSCR PAC. NOSSCR does not use any membership dues to fund our PAC activities, thus members’ continued support of NOSSCR PAC is essential to our continued advocacy success.

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