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NOSSCR Working to Secure Additional SSA Money in the Continuing Resolution

With two weeks left in the federal government’s fiscal year, congressional staff are working feverishly to reach agreement on a Continuing Resolution (CR) that would fund the government beyond September 30. At this point, NOSSCR officials are hearing that the length of the CR hasn’t been finalized, however it is widely expected to extend at least through the November general election.

It is not unusual for a CR to include what people on Capitol Hill call an “anomaly.” This is when bill language is added to the CR to provide ongoing funding to a specific department or program beyond its allocation from the previous fiscal year.

The Biden Administration has proposed an anomaly for the Social Security Administration, as simply maintaining its current funding level for even a small period of time could worsen the agency’s customer service, including the possibility of losing more staff.

NOSSCR is working in coalition with its advocacy partners to gain congressional support for this anomaly.

Our partner, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, has written an informative review outlining the harsh impacts that failing to include this anomaly could have on the Social Security Administration. These are consequences that would be felt by NOSSCR members and its clients.


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