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Mentorship Program

Finding meaningful professional experiences and connections during this pandemic is not easy. Our mentorship program can help you reconnect to others and your own professional passion. Being in a mentor relationship, as a mentor or mentee, is actually statistically likely to increase your feelings of satisfaction in your work.

NOSSCR is proud to announce that we’re currently accepting applications for the third year of our mentorship program! We’re proud of this very successful program, and hope you will join us in 2022.

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Throughout the mentorship year, members with more than a decade of experience provide professional guidance to more novice members. In monthly one-on-one virtual sessions, mentors provide educational information on specific subjects, answer questions, and address career development issues with the mentee. Mentees also enjoy monthly group sessions with fellow mentees on specific subjects.

Participants are expected to spend about one to two hours each month on active program work, including preparation, sessions, and check-ins.

Applications are due by Friday, October 29, and matches will be issued the first week of December. Current participants need to apply to continue as well.

Benefits to Mentors:

  • Provide professional support to the next generation of attorney/non-attorney representatives
  • Provide subject matter education on critical issues
  • Provide engagement in NOSSCR and professional community

Benefits to Mentees:

  • Receive support for professional/career growth
  • Receive subject matter education
  • Enable engagement in NOSSCR and professional community

Further Program Details:

  • The Mentorship Committee will make placements based on interests/goals
  • Attorneys will be placed with attorneys; non-attorneys will be placed with non-attorneys
  • All placements will be to non-neighboring states and circuits
  • The program runs for one calendar year, one meeting per month, estimated time commitment of 60-120 minutes a month
  • All participants must be NOSSCR members in good standing


  • Attorneys practicing Social Security law as at least 50% of their caseload for more than 10 years, who are NOSSCR members in good standing.
  • Non-attorney representatives with more than 10 years of full-time experience representing Social Security disability claimants, who are eligible for direct payment and are NOSSCR members in good standing.



  • Attorneys who are NOSSCR members in good standing and have been either (1) practicing law less than 5 years OR (2) who are new to the practice of Social Security law. 
  • Non-attorney representatives who are NOSSCR members in good standing, are eligible for direct payment, and are currently representing Social Security disability claimants on a full-time basis, but have less than 5 years experience in such representation

The mentorship program will establish and maintain an organizational structure within which experienced NOSSCR members can provide general professional and specific subject matter guidance to junior NOSSCR members.

Participants enter into a voluntary relationship facilitated through NOSSCR. In monthly individual mentor/mentee video/teleconference sessions, the mentor will provide educational information on a specific substantive matter, answer specific subject matter questions, and also will address general career development-related questions from the mentee.

NOSSCR will recognize the program participants on an annual basis. Program directors may set a cap on participation, and program participants must sign a confidentiality/conduct agreement. The NOSSCR board may terminate the mentorship program at any time at its discretion.

The estimated time commitment for participants is approximately 60-120 minutes a month (including review/preparation of subject matter material/questions, the monthly session, and completion of the quarterly check-in / brief report).

To see the complete program in detail, click here.

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