NOSSCR hires Tom Krause as Litigation Director

By Published On: November 1, 2023Last Updated: November 1, 20231.7 min read

Storied Attorney will Pursue Class-Action, Impact Litigation for NOSSCR and NOSSCR Foundation

I am thrilled to announce that Tom Krause will be joining NOSSCR and NOSSCR Foundation as Litigation Director. The hire is a first step in building a team of litigators that will pursue class action lawsuits and impact litigation—providing another channel for NOSSCR’s advocacy.

A headshot of Thomas Krause, NOSSCR's new Litigation Director.
Thomas Krause has joined NOSSCR and the NOSSCR Foundation as Litigation Director.

Tom is a legendary Social Security lawyer and one of the most successful class-action lawyers in Social Security and disability law. He’s been lead counsel on successful cases such as Laird v. Ramirez, Surrell v. Willman, and Shontos v. Barnhardt.

For decades, NOSSCR has reported on impact litigation and class actions that change SSA’s process, providing fundamental fairness for our clients. We’ve supported the work and explained it at our conferences. Going forward, with Tom’s guidance, NOSSCR will bring cases ourselves.

This effort builds on successful NOSSCR advocacy efforts with SSA, on Capitol Hill, and in the media. With litigation added, all aspects of NOSSCR’s work will have more effect. NOSSCR will continue to advocate on your behalf in our engagements with SSA. Those efforts have yielded important results recently, such as the fee cap increase, fee petition improvements, and expansion of HIT to OHO cases. We will still lobby Congress for improvements and policy changes—as we did last week, when I testified before the Ways and Means Committee on ways to address the unprecedented backlog of claims. Now, adding class actions and impact litigation will provide another critical tool, effecting systemic and long-lasting change for claimants.

Tom and I will keep you updated as cases are prepared. We will involve our membership’s experts—forming a litigation support committee. We will reach out for help in funding the cases, through the NOSSCR Foundation.

We will fight, and we will win.

We are proud to grow your association, and thank you for being a NOSSCR member.

David Camp


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