NOSSCR Speaks, Ways and Means Listens: Hearing on SSA Claims Backlog

By Published On: October 27, 2023Last Updated: October 27, 20231.1 min read

NOSSCR Interim CEO David Camp testified before the Ways & Means Committee about the impact of and potential solutions to unacceptably long processing times for disability claims at SSA.

During his testimony, Camp emphasized several policy changes that SSA could implement to reduce wait times, including:

  • Eliminating reconsideration
  • Eliminating e-signature verification, streamlining the process and saving valuable time and resources
  • Implementing more effective technology solutions at SSA

NOSSCR’s positions seemed to resonate with lawmakers across the aisle, with representatives acknowledging that the delays are unacceptable.

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While committee members remained divided over funding for SSA, representatives from both sides of the aisle expressed frustration over the delays and acknowledged that SSA can and should take steps to address the delays.

Rep. Bill Pascrell (D, NJ-09) emphasizes that SSA needs to implement new policies and procedures to address the backlog of Social Security Disability claims.

Camp’s testimony drew heavily on details and stories provided by NOSSCR members and the claimants they represent.

NOSSCR thanks all its members for their continued support and will continue to urge SSA and Congress to take action to reduce wait times.

To learn more about NOSSCR’s recommendations for improving the SSA disability claims process, click here.


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