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2022 Conference Sponsors

Thank you to our incredible sponsors for helping make our annual conference possible! We’re so proud to be partnering with spectacular vendors who help representatives grow their leads, knowledge, and capacity to serve disability claimants.

To meet our sponsors in person, come to our 2022 annual conference in Austin, TX on May 11-14!

Insurance Branch

We reach out to your Medicare-eligible clients as their enrollment date approaches to proactively explain their individual benefits answer their questions. Learn how we can serve your clients, save you time, and make you money at www.ins.law today!

American Retrieval (ARC)

The easiest way to get records. Schedule your demo at AmericanRetrieval.com today.

Assure Disability

Helping firms better advocate for their clients. Request your demo at www.myassureservices.com.

Crocodile Solutions

Social Security Disability cases are complex involving a lot of moving parts. Our powerful, user-friendly and very secure case management software allows you to handle more cases with less work. Learn more at www.wingslegalpracticemanagement.com.

Leading Response

Our multichannel solutions can support long term efforts. But our quality legal leads sell quickly so reserve now before your competition does. Get started today at www.leadingresponse.com.

PR Legal Marketing

Our marketing agency was formed by lawyers, for lawyers. We know what it takes to attract more leads to your law firm. Request your free consultation at www.prlegalmarketing.com today.


Claimant representatives find that their life gets so much easier to examine basic things like work history, physical demands of occupations, employment numbers, and case hypotheticals. If you have not been using any kind of software for these basic tasks, you won’t believe how much time you are going to save! Go to www.skilltran.com to get started.

Claimant Medical Data Solutions

Get both medical records and medical bills in five days or less. Learn more at www.cmdatasolutions.com.

Disability Health Advocates

Learn how to earn significant additional income by educating your clients about the Medicare Health Plan that best fits their needs. Visit www.disabilityhealthadvocates.com to learn more.


30+ years of helping SSD firms grow.  For legal marketing that’s formidable, call Firmidable. Go to www.firmidable.com today.

Prevail Case Management

Prevail is an integrated case management system designed to help you handle more cases in less time by eliminating dependence on hardcopy files and using automation. Learn more at www.prevail.net.

Law Ruler

Find the software you need to track leads, grow prospects, and gain clients at www.lawruler.com.

Medicare Partners

We partner with law firms, provide specialized Medicare health planning for their SSDI clients while creating an additional revenue stream for the firm. We offer the nation’s leading Medicare Health Plans, evaluate each client’s individual Medicare health plan options, make appropriate recommendations and assist in the plan enrollment process. Visit www.MedicarePartners.com to learn more.


Attract and convert more legal clients when we connect you with the best prospects. Learn how at www.martindale-avvo.com.

Sarah Bohr Publications

Sarah H. Bohr is an appellate attorney who has specialized in Social Security law for over 35 years. Find her renowned books at www.sarahbohrpublications.com.

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