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SSA Adding Appointments and Opening to Walk-Ins Soon

  March 15, 2022 | By Faigy Gilder, NOSSCR

Starting in early April, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will add more in-person appointments and offer in-person service for people without an appointment.

During the pandemic, millions of people used my SSA, a secure and convenient online service portal, and received help by phone and in offices by appointment. SSA recommends that people continue to first try to access services online, by phone,  or by scheduled appointment to allow the Agency to better serve people who cannot use those options.

Visit SSA’s webpage How to Get Help from Social Security to learn:

  • The best ways to get help from Social Security.
  • What you should know before you visit a Social Security office, so we can help you safely.
  • Innovative options that could help you have your hearing sooner if you are appealing a decision.


This is an exciting and important development as SSA struggles with providing consistent phone access, the disability case backlog nears one million, and long Covid leaves more and more Americans newly disabled.

Allowing for walk-ins in field offices is key to providing access to applicants, especially those with issues that cannot be resolved online, or who have barriers to other means of communicating with SSA.

NOSSCR looks forward to full office reopenings and online customer service improvements in the near future and appreciates the Agency continual commitment to improvement.


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