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New & Nonprofit Membership Tier

Brand new NOSSCR members get regular membership for $275 per year* for the first two years – a $80 discount annually! This new rate also applies to employees of not-for-profit organizations, including legal aid and legal services, for their first two years and beyond with proof of organization status. See below for more details.

This membership package includes all the benefits of our regular membership, on-demand access to our beginner webinar series (see below), an experienced mentor through our mentorship program, and access to our NextGen listserv and events.


Beginner Webinar Series

On-demand webinars from our popular seven-part series for new practitioners is included in your membership:

  • SSI & SSDI: Similarities & Differences” with Ashley Loy, Esq., Attorney at Rainwater, Holt & Sexton
  • “The Sequential Evaluation Process for Adults and Children” with Tom Krause, Esq., Attorney at Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services
  • “Applications & Appeals: From the Initial Application Through Federal Court” with Alan Polonsky, Esq., Attorney at Polonsky & Polonsky & Jessica Mitchell, Esq., Attorney at Schmidt Kramer PC
  • “ALJ Hearings: Preparing and Participating” with Ben Misko, Esq., Attorney at Law Offices of Benjamin Misko LLC
  • “After the Award: Effectuation Of Benefits, Medicare And Medicaid, CDRs, Work Incentives & Overpayments” with Jeff Larson, Esq., Attorney at Lone Star Legal Aid & Randi Johnson, Esq., Attorney at Gravis Law
  • “Introduction to Representative Fees” with Heather Freeman, Esq., Attorney at Law Office of Heather Freeman PLLC
  • “SSA Rules and Where to Find Them: Laws, Regulations, POMS, HALLEX & SSRs” with Kate Lang, Esq., Senior Staff Attorney at Justice in Aging


* Our New Membership Tier: Rules & Restrictions

We are now offering brand new NOSSCR members regular membership for $275 per year* for their first two years – a $80 discount! This new rate also applies to employees of not-for-profit organizations, including legal aid and legal services.

New members are defined as individuals who have never been NOSSCR members. The $275 rate will apply for the first two years of membership, after which the regular membership rate applies. Current members in the first year of membership will receive the reduced rate upon renewal for the second year of membership.

NOSSCR members who are employees of not-for-profit organizations are eligible for a reduced regular membership rate of $275. To be eligible for this rate, you must provide proof that you are an employee of an organization with an IRS tax status of a 501(c) corporation. Current NOSSCR members can receive the reduced rate when renewing at the regular membership level with proof of organization status (email it to nosscr@nosscr.org).

LSC grantees can be dues-paying members in groups that require dues and/or engage in restricted activities, but dues must be paid with non-LSC funds. Click here to read the NLADA memo.

There are no refunds for memberships already purchased, regardless of when you joined or renewed.

This is a regular membership. You may choose instead to be a sustaining member at the $550 sustaining member rate.


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